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Following sharply on the tail of the release of the Grotter Rebel Airship Krew we proudly present the stunted Dorf marine operatives, heavily armed and equipped commandos charged with protecting the air lanes from threats both external and internal. Clad in tactical gear and touting state of the art small arms this small rapid reaction force is equipped to handle any obstacle that presents itself.

This is the Dorf Marine Raider Squad comprising a command team (Sqd Ldr with grenade launcher/assault rifle and a Sniper/marksman) as well as two-four man tactical fire teams armed with assault rifles.       

(Code BTR002 / Contents: 10 Miniatures / Price: $60NZD)



Fleeing the brutal regime of their enslaver overlords many a grotter lucky enough to break the shackles of imprisonment join pirate crews and other less desirable organisations. Ramshackle and motley in nature these hardy little green skins make their way trading with other nations and fulfilling contracts of a more notorious nature.

This is the Black Toof Rebellion Grot Airship Crew Blister comprising 8 x 28mm white metal miniatures. Included in this blister is the Bomber Pilot, the Bomber Co- Pilot, the Krew Mekanik, The Bombardier, the airborne Kombat Medik, Sharky and Bomber the two Guard Squidges and Ammo the Bomb Squidge.

(Code BTR001 / Contents: 8 Miniatures / Price: $50NZD)