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We have a new range of 15mm terrain items that we will be releasing in the coming weeks... In support of our 15mm Warfighter modern warfare range we are very proud to present the first several offerings in this new collection. Warfighter "Waypoints" Battlefield Elements will be an ongoing and developing line of items to adorn modern tabletops everywhere.

Warfighter Bundeswehr - Afghanistan... Warfighter moves ahead full steam this month with another new addition to our webshop, this time the ISAF German contingency "Bundeswehr Panzergrenadiers" take to the field. The Grenadier platoon (Zug) is offered in its full glory as a 25 miniature blister representing the 'on-paper' tables of organisation for this renowned fighting formation as it stands in the current conflict in Afghanistan.

In support of the Germans ISAF units we also proudly present to you the first of our anticipated Bundeswehr armoured fighting vehicles the 'TPZ Fuchs'. Used by the Grenadiers and predominantly the Jager forces in Afghanistan the Fuchs is a must-have asset to any modern German force commander.

SKIRMISH SANGIN SCENARIO #3 impending...Everything here is going full bore in the factory, here is another quick line to inform everyone that the 'Mission Roster' for Skirmish Sangins Free Scenario #3 "Hearts and Minds" is now in production and will be going live on the Flytrap Factory website over the next couple of days (It will be under "Warfighter" link in our online webshop). If you have not downloaded the free scenario be sure to pop on over to the following links for a looksey... Oh and here is a piccie of the first test metals/resins to come off the line!


For Skirmish Sangins Scenario #3 "Hearts and Minds" we have completed the first "Warfighter: Mission Roster Set" to supplement and support players who want to experience the thrill of gaming Skirmish Sangin in 15mm.

The following image is of the new Coalition set of United States Marines and Insurgency set of Taliban.
Mission Roster #3 "Hearts and Minds" comprises 20 x 15mm miniatures (10 x USMC and 10 x Taliban) as well as two up-armoured Humvees and a single Utility model Humvee.


For Skirmish Sangins Scenario #3 "Hearts and Minds" we have remaster two variant of the "Warfighter" fan favourite Humvee. First thing to note is we have removed the integral bases that we utilised in our original models.

I am sure this will please many. Wheels are all seperate and will be provided either in polyurethane or white metal (I have not yet decided although I have both in my hands). The Humvees have been artistically improved in all other ways compared to our older models.

These models are available seperately as well as with the "Skirmish Sangin/Warfighter": Mission Roster #3 set.