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It's finally here, launching June 2017 Flytrap Factory steers away from recent Kickstarter campaign having fulfilled our commitments to return to a brand new monthly release schedule for historical products.

 Warfighter Vietnam Available now

Having sculpted Vietnam War ranges for several companies already in scales from 6mm through to 30mm I've finally returned to my favourite period to cement Flytrap Factorys new range firmly in 1:72 (20mm) Vietnam. Despite what other larger companies would have you beleive was primarily an infantrymans war. Flytrap will focus heavily on the infantry aspect of this period leaving vehicle options to the multitude of wonderful 1:72 model-kit manufacturers already offering precision models available for fantastic prices. Today we are extremely proud to present the initial glimpse at the first codes in our latest addition to the world of Warfighter. Warfighter Vietnam our brand new launch into 1:72nd scale (20mm) modern warfare promises to bring to your tabletops the very finest white metal wargaming miniatures we can produce.



Containing 30 brand new individually sculpted miniatures expertly molded and cast in glorious white metal (no horrible bendy plastic here lads) the first three codes introduce the mighty Green Machine of the U.S.M.C  in all its glory. The United States Marine Corps has a strong and courageous heritage dating back to the very foundation of their nation and a history rife with the accounts of some of the very finest and most courageous warriors to serve the stars and stripes.The United States Marine Corps is the very first faction we cover 'in-country'. Each month moving forward we will have a slew of exciting new releases, new factions, accessories and eventually our own dedicated ruleset so that you can get the very best out of your investment in this comprehensive new range.    

This is the Squad Blister comprising 3 x 4 man fireteams, a Squad Leader and an m79 Grenadier produced in white metal.  

(Code WVA001 / Contents: 14 Miniatures / Price: $30NZD)

This is the Platoon Command Blister comprising a 7 man staff team (Corpsmen, Messengers, RTO and NCOs) as well as two m60 Machine Gun teams usually attached to rifle squads for added fire support and suppression. USMC Platoons at full strength ran 3 rifle squads under the Plt Cmd unit.       

(Code WVA002 / Contents: 11 Miniatures / Price: $25NZD)

This is the Company Command Blister comprising a 4 man staff team ( Junior Officers, RTO and Corpsmen) as well as three 60mm Mortar teams and a two man scout sniper team.   

 (Code WVA003 / Contents: 15 Miniatures / Price: $25NZD)

The miniatures contained in this blister have been designed to suit lists outlined in AAGs excellent "Ambush Valley" (The Vietnam Miniatures Game) title authored by the indomitable Piers Brand. Piers is a good friend of Flytraps and we are proud to support his publication with our models. He is a fierce proponent of the 1:72 scale and until we finish development of our own system we are proud to promote Ambush Valley as our go-to rulesystem of choice. This product is available now directly form our Shop.

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Please note that due to manufacturing operations any orders received for this new line of product will not be processed and dispatched before the 9th of June.