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Flytrap Factory Launches 'Caveman Vs Wild: The Big Chill' Kickstarter

It's been five years in the making Cavepeople but were finally doing it. The 'Caveman Vs Wild' kickstarter has started. Time to get your homebrand edition man-smell on and get your knuckles dragging down to the watering hole for a good ol' round of Mammoth poking and tiger dodging!



Flytrap Factory Launches 'The Black Toof Rebellion' Kickstarter

About a year ago I was inspired to create a small range of 'Globlim Airship Pirates' for personal use in tabletop games. This idea quickly evolved into a storyline that encompassed a world in turmoil, wracked by war and upheaval as slave turned against master and the Grotter underling race rebelled against their Orky overlords. As it tends to happen my imagination gets the better of me and then takes over completely and this small concept quickly became a 10 page document of fluff and backstory. The original range though now complete undertook an inner urge of its own to grow, and that is why we find ourselves here today.

 With everything else going on at present at the factory we simply dont have the resources on hand to release this range and develop it in a timely fashion so now we turn to you our support network and community to help us help the 'Black Toof Rebellion' into fruition and become areality as a growing miniature range.

Please find the time to take a look at our Kickstarter campaign which started today Thursday 22 September and runs for 30 days. If you like what you see please feel free to pledge and enlist in the rebellion to recieve your exclusive set of high quality miniatures. If not well we hope you at least like what you see and we thank you for your time anyway.

Have a great week beautiful people and stay tuned as things roll out and concepts/projects become reality.

Thank you from the Flytrap



Sooo Many Activities and we didnt even need a bunkbed!

So thats pretty much the 1st quarter of 2016 which just wizzed past us in the blink of an eye and it's been a doozy sports fans. Poductivity has been at fever pitch consistantly and the rate at which months are flying by is alarming. We have a number of projects in the pipeline at present first and foremost being 'Warpod' our (long) anticipated line of self-destructive and highly malfunctioning robotic personalities warring over the fate of their moon planetoid Destroid IV.

To aid me in the realisation of the Warpod 'Malfunction' release (planned for August this year) I have been extremely fortunate to enlist the talents and craftsmanship of a good friend Ian 'Waz" Wyatt of Warhammer 40k Ork Conversion notoriety. Waz has been lending his skillset to the design of the new range of WarCrates for Warpod which will coincide the release of my new wave of Warpods.

The Riggers, Clankers, Tinkers and Wreckers will all release in force later this year accompanied by a host of weapons, vehicles and other destructive implements to herald the ultimate release of this long-in-the process creation. in addition to Waz' contribution to 'Warpod' I am working in tandem with Waz on a joint project we have aptly named 'Wazmek' where we will work on items outside of Flytraps lines and more in tune with what Waz does best, namely delving into other well know science fiction realms and creating masterful alternative offerings to supplement those IPs. He will make the tanks n' tracks...I'll make all the greeblies to stick all over said tanks!

Also at Flytrap Factory work continues on our 15mm 'Warfighter' range with the brand new British range for Afghanistan now completed and awaiting moulding. 'Caveman Vs Wild' continues albeit a little slowly in the background and a new chapter in the 'Netherworlds Edge' saga entiled 'Netherworlds Edge: Ironreach' is also now firmly underway.

In addition to Flytraps core lines we are creating/have created a series of ranges predominantly 28mm historical in nature for other associated companies, Mike Bravo Miniatures, Campaign Books and Hobby Logistics and Idesign to name a couple as well as 15mm lines for our friends at Clearhorizon Miniatures.

On top of the ranges mentioned above we have several new lines in development, a couple I cannot talk about, one very exciting project (different to 'the Gloaming') I'm working on with Johnny Fraser Allen of Weta Workshop and one I can talk about.... "Looking For Bridge" Flytraps new Fantasy game (also in development) with a line of 28mm fantasy miniatures and monsters (significantly larger) that are being worked on during my spare time.

To see more regardling the 'Looking For Bridge' development and some of our other stuff drop by our Flytrap Factory Youtube channel and check out the 'Sculptyteller' playlist for some short miniature pans and showcases. 'Brotherhood of the Fly' has taken a break for now with all parties simply too busy to give it the time it needs. It may come back at some point in the future but I am uncertain at this point, if it does it may also come back in a different format but stay tuned as i'll let everyone know as information comes to hand.

Finally Flytrap Factory has also recently started working with an old friend of mine and local (Auckland based) tabletop /boardgame /cardgame and now computer game developer/designer 'Mike Haught' previously of 'Flames Of War' fame who has a long track record of game design and published works and just makes some really really cool stuff... so lots going on and lots to look forward to in that camp which we will talk more about in the future... Me and Mike used to work together back at BFHQ and have shared some pretty sweet adventures over the years (though I cant tell you bout them else he'd get in trouble) so Mike here's looking at you bud! 

...and we are also dabbling with action figures, cos why not!


Good times indeed

Stay tuned for our next update which hopefully not be so long in the making.



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Warfighter TALIBAN

We have our new range of 15mm Taliban for our Warfighter line to showcase today, available now direct from our webstore as well as a much anticipated new blister containing a new range of Afghan civilians. Our Taliban range is rounded off for now with a Taliban Insurgent blister and a Taliban Support blister both containing 25 miniatures each. This brings our unique miniature pool for the Taliban to over 40 individual sculpts. These miniature are available to order direct from our webstore now.

We have a new range of 15mm terrain items that we will be releasing in the coming weeks... In support of our 15mm Warfighter modern warfare range we are very proud to present the first several offerings in this new collection. Warfighter "Waypoints" Battlefield Elements will be an ongoing and developing line of items to adorn modern tabletops everywhere.


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