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'Caveman Vs Wild'    Living Rulebook V1.0... ALIVE!

First up in this update... this week heralds the arrival of version 1.0 of the 'Caveman Vs Wild : The Big Chill' Living Rulebook. For those involved in the kickstarter at the appropriate level this is now available through our channels to download and enjoy. However, even as the rulebook is up and available we are far from done... expecting now to go through a long period of critique, criticism and extensive feedback. This information and constructive review will only serve to assist us in pushing the publication to the next level of polish so the process is invaluable. We will be updating download links once per month with version 1.1 expected at the end of June.



Black Toof Rebellion Grot Airship Krew

Successfully funded through a small Kickstarter campaign in 2016 the Black Toof Rebellions first line of Grot Airship Krew members and their attack squidges (cast beautifully in white metal) will be going up in the Flytrap Factory webshop later this month. This initial instalment for the Black Toof Rebellion has proven quite popular, enough so that the second instalment will also be made available exclusively to the Flytrap webstore, bypassing potential crowdfunding shenanigans and offered direct to you this June.

This is the Black Toof Rebellion Grot Airship Crew Blister comprising 8 x 28mm white metal miniatures. Included in this blister is the Bomber Pilot, the Bomber Co- Pilot, the Krew Mekanik, The Bombardier, the airborne Kombat Medik, Sharky and Bomber the two Guard Squidges and Ammo the Bomb Squidge.

(Code BTR001 / Contents: 8 Miniatures / Price: $50NZD)

Black Toof Rebellion Dorf Marine Squad

This is the Black Toof Rebellion Dorf Marine Squad comprising 10 x 28mm white metal miniatures. Included in this blister is the Marine Squad Leader, Marine Sniper and eight Marine operators, all clad in tac-gear and packing state of the art small arms.

(Code BTR002 / Contents: 10 Miniatures / Price: $60NZD)

Warfighter Vietnam

Starting June 2017 Flytrap Factory steers away from recent Kickstarter campaigns having fulfilled our commitments to return at long last to a brand new monthly release schedule for historical products.

Today we are extremely proud to present the initial glimpse at the first codes in our latest addition to the world of Warfighter. Warfighter Vietnam our brand new launch into 1:72nd scale (20mm) modern warfare promises to bring to your tabletops the very finest white metal wargaming miniatures we can produce.

Containing 30 brand new individually sculpted miniatures expertly molded and cast in glorious white metal (no horrible bendy plastic here lads) the first Warfighter Vietnam codes introduce the Mighty Green Machine of the U.S.M.C. as they appeared circa 67 and 68 with a heavy focus on Tet. With a mix of M14s and M16s every care has been made to ensure the range is as authentic and historically correct as possible... following the correct tables of organisation and equipment appropriate for each blister.

The United States Marine Corps is just the first faction we cover 'in-country'. Each month moving forward we will have a slew of exciting new releases, new factions, accessories and eventually our own dedicated ruleset so that you can get the very best out of your investment in this comprehensive new range. The three Warfighter Vietnam product codes released this June are as follows.  


This is the Squad Blister comprising 3 x 4 man fireteams, a Squad Leader and an m79 Grenadier produced in white metal.  

(Code WVA001 / Contents: 14 Miniatures / Price: $30NZD)

This is the Platoon Command Blister comprising a 7 man staff team (Corpsmen, Messengers, RTO and NCOs) as well as two m60 Machine Gun teams usually attached to rifle squads for added fire support and suppression. USMC Platoons at full strength ran 3 rifle squads under the Plt Cmd unit.       

(Code WVA002 / Contents: 11 Miniatures / Price: $25NZD)

This is the Company Command Blister comprising a 4 man staff team ( Junior Officers, RTO and Corpsmen) as well as three 60mm Mortar teams and a two man scout sniper team.   

 (Code WVA003 / Contents: 15 Miniatures / Price: $25NZD)

'Warpod: Glitch' Kickstarter Update

Kickstarter or Direct...we're still undecided Warpoddlers, but all things being equal this June we will start seeing the new launch of 'Warpod' our (long) anticipated line of self-destructive and highly malfunctioning robotic personalities warring over the fate of their moon planetoid Destroid IV... can't wait to tackle this one, it's gonna be a doozy!

...and lastly we have some massively exciting news on the recruitment of my all time personal favourite character artist to help realise the bizarre and chaotic universe of Warpod. .. but more on that later!


Have a great week beautiful people and stay tuned as things roll out and concepts/projects become reality.

...oh and the gallery has had an update too so go take a gawk!

Thank you from the Flytrap



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