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The Service

What Flytrap offers...
Flytrap Factory in sense being more a design studio than a strictly dedicated producer of wargaming products and material also offer unique services on a contractual basis to aid and assist other persons or establishments in achieving their own creative goals be they personal or from a business perspective. The discipline pool we currently offer services under include but are not limited to the following creative tasks.

Miniature design and sculpture commissions
Flytrap strives to push the boundaries of its ability in everything it undertakes. Achieving the artistic standard we offer as a benchmark requires dedication, time and perseverance. A combined expertise of more than 9 years of sculpture, both personal and professional has allowed us to be in the position we are today. Our services in the wargaming miniature and collectible field are offered in extension to our core business to any persons whom seek the aid of a team dedicated to bringing to reality their own creative aspirations. All sculptural work will be undertaken by the same sculptors whose work you see throughout our website. To discuss our service or to receive further information please feel free to drop us an email to

Miniature moulding and casting contracts
All of the moulding processes and subsequent casting of our miniatures is conducted in house here in our New Zealand facility. All of Flytraps miniatures and collectibles are cast from a high quality jewellery grade white metal, a blend and composition that we also manufacture ourselves. Time permitting Flytrap Factory also offers this service separate from or in conjunction with any design or sculptural service undertaken. Our mould master can produce professional master and production moulds from our special black rubber compound and in addition offer a casting service for small or limited production runs. Again for further information please drop us a line,

Graphic design commissions
Knowing the standard of our web and graphic design we are also able to offer this service to assist in bringing your own venture up to a professional and eye catching level worthy of any website. Services include but are not limited to logo design, advertising, graphic illustration and even web design provided our dedicated web designer has availability.

In a nutshell we as a company are here to stay, to grow within our own industry and if and when possible develop assisting relationships with other like minded business establishments. If we can be of any assistance in any of the above noted aspects of business we would love to hear from you.

Kind Regards,